Nowadays we live in a world of experiences, not products. Each hotel delivers a unique experience.
Travelsify enables to shift from rigid hotel-amenity-checkbox-search to trustworthy, relevant and user-specific Hotel DNA data,
so travelers can easily and quickly find the hotel experience they want.

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The starting point


Personalization is about trust and hotels are about experiences, not products anymore. With this in mind, we have created Travelsify Hotel DNA™, the world's first content platform that characterizes every hotel by a unique weighted sequence of experience-defining metadata.
By analyzing more than 400 millions of traveler and expert reviews, Travelsify has extracted 34 key Hotel DNA attributes that matter to travelers when booking hotels: cosy, spacious, stylish, bright, gourmet, views, vintage, classic, zen, nightlife, luxury, design, etc.
To reflect the cultural variances in hotel perception, Travelsify has created the Geo-targeted Hotel DNA per country for more precise and trustworthy data.
Travelers can now reliably search and compare hotels worldwide to find the experience they want.








traveler & expert reviews


Worldwide coverage of Hotel DNA



How do we innovate?


Int'l & Geo-targeted
Hotel DNA

Int'l & Geo-targeted
Hotel DNA

Each hotel is characterized by a unique weighted sequence of experience-defining metadata out of
34 Hotel DNA attributes.

Hotel DNA

Hotel DNA

To reflect the season variances in hotel perception and experience, Travelsify created a Seasonal Hotel DNA.

Hotel DNA
Match Score

Hotel DNA
Match Score

Search and compare hotels worldwide reliably to find the hotel experience you want.

Why Recommended
for You?

Why Recommended
for You?

Build customer trust and loyalty by explaining why a hotel is recommended, in natural language, using Hotel DNA tags.


OTA Platforms

OTA Platforms

Looking for advanced hotel metadata to power your search and personalization engine? Profile, predict and retain thanks to Travelsify Hotel DNA™ metadata.

Hotel Groups

Hotel Groups

Do you know what makes your hotels unique in the eyes of the travelers? Get Travelsify Hotel DNA™ data to better target and personalize your hotel offers.

Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising

Looking for advanced hotel metadata to match with your user profiles? Get precise and trustworthy hotel data to use in your targeted advertising campaigns.

AI & Voice-search
Travel Bots

AI & Voice-search
Travel Bots

Shift from structured to unstructured queries thanks to semantic and natural language hotel understanding. Build trust and loyalty with precise and relevant hotel experience data.

What they say?


  • Frédérique Houpert
    Differentiation is crucial in the highly competitive hospitality industry.Travelsify’s work on the DNA of our hotel properties did not only comfort us in some of our strategies, it also enabled us to highlight some of our hotel assets that we did not emphasize enough.
    We are now able to optimize our communication focusing on the strengths of our hotels,
    as well as improving our offer to better match the market demand.

    Frédérique Houpert - Head of Digital at Algonquin Group

  • Romain Roulleau
    By seamlessly integrating Travelsify Hotel DNA data to our hotel search and personalization results,
    we will inspire travelers and give them even more trustworthy information to select the right hotel experience:
    the one matching their taste and expectations at a precise moment.

    Romain Roulleau - Senior Vice President E-commerce & Digital Services, AccorHotels

  • Gonçalo Rebelo de Almeida
    Travelsify is a powerful personalization solution for the hotel industry. Its technology provides customers with an easy unprecedented insight into hotels to narrow options according to their personal preferences.

    Gonçalo Rebelo de Almeida - CEO, Vila Galé Hotels

How do we do it?


Data Crawling
& Normalization

Natural Language Processing
Semantic Taxonomies
Machine Learning

Hotel DNA Tagging Algorithms
Personalization Algorithms

Hotel DNA Data Delivery
Monthly Updates

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